MD2 Pineapple
MD2 has been identified as a key crop under the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). With regard to agriculture, NKEA’s key objectives are to penetrate global markets and to ensure national food security. 16 Entry Point Projects (EPPs) and 11 business opportunities have been planned and carried out to achieve these objectives. The MD2 cultivar has been identified as EPP7’s catalyst for the premium fruit market.

-Be whole, with or without the crown.
- Be healthy, and free from rotting or deterioration that make them unfit for consumption;
- Be clean, and practically free of any visible foreign matter;
- Be practically free of pests that affect the general appearance of the product;
- Be practically free of damage caused by pests;
- Be free of abnormal external humidity, except condensation resulting from its removal from a cold room
- Be free of any foreign smell and / or taste;
- Look fresh, including crowns, that They must be free of dead or dry leaves;


-Palets with European standard.
-Generic corrugated cardboard boxes from 12.5kg to 13kg.
-The pal et must be with its stapled ezquineros and with hoops
-The boxes must have their respective covers
-Temperature to preserve portability and not breaking the cold chain must be at 7 °.
-The pineapple must be packed with crown and without peduncle
-Mature for shipping in packaging to¾ ¼ ripening
-Brix from 12 to 13 And 15% translucency


Aditional Info

Pineapple (Ananas comoscs) is an important tropical fruit. It is the only important fruit crop in the family Bromeliaceae. Its importance is reflected in the ranking of commercial tropical fruits for production on a worldwide basis by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in which pineapple comes second after bananas.