About Us

About Us

Our company with more than ten years experience has a strength and experience that your company needs. Our wood products are of excellent quality as they are certified products They come from virgin farms which guarantees us a mature and good wood.Our products are 100% guaranteed as they comply with all certifications.

Our Mission

Generate value through the responsible and sustainable use of planted and native forest, ensuring its preservation as a renewable natural resource, as well as the obtaining and marketing of quality wood and non-wood products that satisfy the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we are inspired by ethics and long-term commitment to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, the community and the environment. high standards of certification standards and our policies.

Our Experience

Build a forestry company leads in reliability, quality and sustainable management of its forest heritage. So our forests, the wood products obtained from them and the benefits they generate, contribute to society by adding value and development, within a framework of commitment to the environment and neighboring communities. Our values are to serve the community, society and the benefit of all members of the company. They focused our company on their achievement and support.